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TSP | Consulting, adding value for companies

Within its six months of operation, new business line TSP | Consulting has helped companies from different sectors to develop their human resources strategy, using tools such as the Assessment Center, which is used to measure fitness and performance both for groups and individual candidates; customized training that reflects the specific needs of the company and offering customized training in different areas relating to Human Resources; and the increasingly notorious Graduate Programs that manage large volumes of talented junior candidates profiles adapted to the company; among many other services that can help you learn and develop internally to the company.

However, it has not only helped define the HR strategy, but it has helped to improve the competitive strategy of the company itself in the market. This has been achieved through organizational climate studies which determine the degree of worker satisfaction and identify and determine the main causes of termination of the professional relationship. Additionally, studies have identified the most suitable profiles using headhunting strategies. Growth and change are the foundations on which to base the strategy of any company. A company with a strategy that allows you to grow and evolve while helping to reduce costs and manage talent, will achieve success faster than any other company and, most importantly, will keep up. Continuing to differentiate from other companies remains an increasingly important component leading to success.

The success of TSP | Consulting is materialized with the total creation of a team that in just a few months has seen its workforce by 50%, which specializes entirely in the field of consulting.

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