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Talent Search People prepares the third edition of Pitch Bootcamp


Talent Search People has begun preparations for the third edition of Pitch Bootcamp, the event accelerator job created in Portugal by Spark Agency.

This third edition will be held on 8 and 9 May in the IQS (IQS) in Barcelona, the same venue that hosted the last edition of the event, held in October last year. During the two days that last the conference, a group of young professionals selected by consultants Talent Search People university-students, recent graduates, students of Master or profiles with some years of experience- will have the opportunity to receive intensive training through workshops, lectures and other activities, and maximize their employment opportunities by becoming known to the different companies attending as jurors.

Pitch Bootcamp is a grand opportunity for participants and businesses. For one, it will notably increase the visibility of candidates to major companies. Furthermore, companies are given the opportunity to meet young talents who can fit in with their criteria as well as networking opportunities with colleagues from other corporations.

With the success of the two previous editions, and the involvement of more than 60 different companies and nearly 100 professionals involving themselves in the third instalment, the event is expected to be the most numerous to date. More information and to participate click here.

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