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Pitch Bootcamp, the platform linking Universities with companies

The latest edition of Pitch Bootcamp has confirmed the event as a rewarding experience for both young talent and businesses. During these two days of training and rapprochement between the two groups, the event provided a unique view of the current market. It also provided the opportunity to interact whilst offering feedback to young talents participating in the event.
A jury member of one of the participating companies told us that everyone who is in the process of completing their studies and preparing to kick start their career must go through an experience like this. The opportunity to meet others in similar situations and the opportunity to meet professionals who are willing to both share their experiences and opinions, is seen as a priceless experience - "I wish I could have had this opportunity!"- said the human resource manager of one of the participating corporations.
Pitch Bootcamp has been reaffirmed as the transition platform between universities and businesses.  It attempts to reduce the gap and the lack of support that exists in the transition period from the academic world to the professional world, helping to ease the impact both personally and professionally.
Besides having had the opportunity to network with more than 90 companies of multiple sectors, the almost 200 participants of this third edition of the Pitch Bootcamp have acquired knowledge of how to address a business in the right way, how to face an interview and how to arouse interest. Also noteworthy is the great opportunity for companies to network with other colleagues.

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