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When to choose an Implant Service

An Implant or In-house service means a new step in current recruitment models, consisting of the seasonal integration of one or more consultants in client’s HR departments. These professionals work from client’s offices and they invest all their time into the client’s project, working exclusively for them.

However, there are some elements that must be taken into account before hiring an Implant service.

Firstly, you should know your own company and its current situation. The main reason for this is that there is no “ideal” company for these types of services. We can find this HR model not only in multinationals and big companies but also in startups and enterprises which are now growing.

The ‘when’ is more important than the ‘how’, because this service is created from a temporary need which is the main reason as to why these types of services are perfect for those situations in which there exists a peak of employment needs, a big chain within the companies, when a new project or business line is being developed, or even during the start of a new company.
In all these situations, internal HR departments cannot get through to the big amount of punctual work, so hiring an Implant service will be key to address this situation in a more effective way.

Currently, Talent Search People has more than 20 In-house consultants in companies of many different areas, including retail, IT or finance. In our last project, more than 250 vacancies were covered in our client’s company. As one of our consultants says:“The most important thing for companies is the added value of having expert professionals who entirely know their area of work, and have the huge range of tools and data bases of Talent Search People available”.


Implant Services


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