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Does your company offer a Graduate Program?

You will have probably heard about leader companies such as Danone, Vodafone, Axa, Google or Affinity talk about their Graduate Programs, or, a complete training program and career plan within their company.

These types of programs are becoming a more and more extended trend in our country, paying special attention to those recent graduates looking for not only a common internship, but for the possibility to learn and develop their professional skills in a real company.
You would normally hear about the main advantages these Graduate Programs offer the candidates that participle in them, but do you really know the benefits they give to your company?
Employer branding: with Graduate Programs you can sell your brand to candidates, as you are offering an interesting training program for the best talents to join your company.
Ambassadors of your brand: you will be able to train future employees from their introduction into the working world, meaning future leaders developed from your own brand values.
Talent Recruitment: These projects will give you the possibility to recruit versatile youngsters with an international background and quite influenced and trained in the technology digital era.
Motivation: Are you tired of the same ideas and projects within your company? Graduates are highly motivated and willing to start a professional career, contributing with new and innovative ideas which will give a fresher image of your company.
So, after reading about all these benefits, are you still thinking Graduate Programs are not for you? If you need help on how to develop these types of projects and someone to lean on during the whole duration of it, you can count on consultants such as Talent Search People, who are experienced professionals in this area and manage the Consulting department. We can adapt these programs to your own company, helping you with a candidate search, assessment centers, with candidates follow up once he/she has been incorporated in the company and all throughout his/her career plan.

Graduate Programs


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