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How to optimize hiring costs with an RPO project

Companies are more and more concerned about how key it is to recruit and manage talent, knowing that the outsourcing HR department is an investment not a cost for the company.

From the need of optimizing recruiting services we have RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), meaning basically the complete or partial outsourcing of the HR department, hiring the services of a specialized consultancy.
When the resources and time of a HR department of a certain company do not allow the adding of value needed to obtain their results, Outsourcing appears to be a great solution because it gives added value to the company, especially if this company is growing in an international expansion.

Moreover, the huge advantage that externalizing through an RPO offers is a big reduction of costs that HR management produces.


RPO Services

But, how can this model reduce those hiring costs?

Save time hiring:
Recruiting new employees entails not only the investment of a lot of the company’s resources but also a lot of time. Outsourcing this area will allow your company to invest their time in many other projects, meaning more benefits for the company and the reduction of hiring periods.

Simplifying the process:
When your company is facing a big recruitment project, coordination of the different departments which are involved in this process is normally difficult, and unnecessary costs can be produced in terms of training, candidate assessments, publicity, tools needed, etc.
But consultancies summarise all these recruiting processes: they study workflow to reduce administrative costs. This consultancy is now the only contact, unifying all steps of the process and eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

Efficient adjustment of resources:
During the times of recession recruitment needs are reduced as opposed to those moments in which the company is growing where more employees are usually needed. The Outsourcing HR department allows your company to eliminate those risks produced by market changes. Hiring and RPO means the consultancy will adapt to their and your resources in the most efficient way, bearing in mind your own needs as well as market needs of the moment.

As you can see, all these factors will produce the reduction of hiring costs, at the same time they give added value to the client’s company.

If you want to know all the details about this service, Teresa Pérez, main responsible for RPO Department at Talent Search People, give us the key aspects in the following video: 


If you require any further information about our RPO services, send us an email to rpo@talentsearchpeople.com


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