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How to optimize your recruitment costs

The recruitment and management of Talent is a key factor for the organization. This is why optimizing the recruitment service is fundamental. This need is the reason this model RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) was born. This model refers to the total or partial externalization of the recruitment processes to a Human Resources specialized consultancy.

Designing an In-House project when a HR department does not have enough resources and time is the best option to add value to the company and therefore optimize the cost control.

The question is, how can we optimize the costs of hiring using this method?

Time saving in the hiring
The recruitment of new employees at a professional level implies not only a big expense in the internal resources, but also a time consuming that is very precious for the company. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing will allow your company to invest your time in other projects and initiatives that will be beneficial for its organization while the costs of hiring is drastically minimized.

The simplification of the process
When a company is facing a recruitment project, we need to take into account that an ineffective management can bring unnecessary costs in terms of training, counselling of the incorporate candidates, advertising and cost of specific tools among others. In an RPO project, the recruitment processes are synthetized. If the workflow is studied, the administrative costs and the management of it can remove the unnecessary intermediates.

Efficient adaptation of the resources
The In-house service allows the companies to adapt their resources in an efficient way according to your needs and the market ones. This grants the company to not have to increase the costs of workforce, especially during peak season, holiday vacations or instability period.

Companies like Talent Search People are pioneers and referents in the deployment of national and international RPO. Cande Krause, Executive Manager TSP highlights the following characteristics as key points for a successful In-House project:

  • Collaboration: to be able to have the tools and sources of information which Talent Search People usually works with.
  • Experience: The expertise of having collaborated in more than 50 InHouse projects
  • Speed: The InHouse services grant to reduce the feedback time, the administrative procedures and the planification of processes.
  • Flexibility: Complete adaptation to all the requirements and specifications from the client. The flexibility is one of the core values of Talent Search People; personalized services and custommade.
  • Efficiency: Talent Search People works to guide the clients and counsel them over the whole process.

Cande Krause, who has more than 8 years of experience in these type of project, highlights the importance of the In-House service for a good management cost and a good optimization of the resources in a company.

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