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Interview with Hugo Rodrigues, Head of International Recruitment of Majorel Iberia

  • We had the opportunity to interview Hugo Rodrigues and talk about which things are important when you are atracting intrenational talent.
  • What is the attractiveness of the job market in Spain and Portugal for multilingual candidates?

People that look for a position in Portugal and Spain tend to look not only for an international career, but for a solid balance between Work and Social/Cultural Life and the fact is that either Lisbon or Barcelona offer you that.

What do you think international candidates value when going through a selection process to work in Barcelona, Madrid or Lisbon for example?
It is clear that most of the candidates that decide to apply for one of our positions, are not only looking for an International experience but also for a company that offer them a possibility of joining an international company and built a career in one of our prestigious accounts. Thanks to all our employees’ commitment and the feedback of everyone that join us, Majorel is nowadays synonym of professionalism, engagement and welcoming atmosphere.

You have been working with Talent as your partner in recruitment what would you highlight of the selection processes carried out by Talent?
Definitely the persistency on the attracting of people that are assets for our organization and the alignment with our processes. We have worked with dedicated recruiters that understand the particularities of our needs.

Talent Search people has the RPO and in-house service, in your opinion and experience which are the benefits that you had by using this service?
The essential focus of each one the recruitment challenges and the effective day to day communication with our local teams.

  • Do you think it is important to be continuously in communication with the recruitment company? How is this communication with Talent?
  • Apart from the highly important weekly meetings, Talent offers us daily feedbacks and 24h answers that is reciprocal. I honestly don’t believe on a partnership that is not based on these elements. Nowadays candidates want to know since the beginning of the process what to expect in terms of assessments, validations and recruitment timing’s and in terms of experience It shouldn’t make any different if the process is started by the company or the partner.  

What benefits does Talent bring you when you are in small or large projects?
The fast and agile resizing of your teams according to the client required volume.

Do you have any other feedback that you may think that could be interesting for those company that are doubting about choosing us as partners?
Talent is a trustable and reliable partner that provides a constant support to our challenges.

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