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Starting a new career in a new country - Interview with Francesca Priori

Are you considering moving abroad for a new job experience? Francesca Priori, an Italian Native Speaker, had the opportunity to move to Portugal to start a new challenge.  Learn more.

Had you ever considered living in Portugal before?
When I applied for the work position in Portugal I was only looking for a job abroad. As I have a master degree in French, English and Chinese, I have always been focused on French or English countries. I had never though about Portugal.

After living in Portugal for a while, how is your experience so far?
Now it’s one year that I’ve been living here in Portugal. I’m really satisfied with the job and the whole experience. The Portuguese culture is not so far from the Italian one, therefore it has been quite easy to adapt to the new life.

How has been the experience of changing country?
I’ve travelled a lot during the latest years, even out of Europe. As a result, leaving Italy for Portugal was like leaving my Italian region for a further one. As already said, the two countries are quite similar. Additionally, almost every Portuguese speaks English and I could understand the Portuguese language.

Which was the main reason to join this new adventure?
There are lots of main reasons! From a strictly personal point of view, I decided to leave to satisfy my desire for travelling, meeting different people, knowing new cultures. From a professional point of view, I studied languages and working / living abroad has always been my dream to ‘forget' Italian and improve my language skills. Additionally, a work experience abroad is worth much more in the resume than a work experience in Italy.

What was your first impression when you received the job offer?
At the beginning, I couldn’t believe in it. The job offer was clear and mentioned all the aspects that we need to consider before leaving and starting a new life.

What has been the role of Talent Search People in this professional challenge?
Talent Search People helped me to understand how to apply, to fulfil the job requirements, to plan the language tests. The Talent team supported me clearing all the doubts and contacting the Portuguese company to plan the arrival.

What tips would you give to people seeking employment during this complicated situation?
It could be more challenging to find a place to live abroad in this particular moment than find a job. The best and most serious companies didn’t stop working or decrease the workload. As a result, many of them are still looking for talented people to keep growing even through smart working.

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