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Talent Search People going green

In response to increasing calls for greener practices within companies in Spain, Talent Search People is moving towards more green corporate social responsibility by implementing a recycling program in their offices.

Plastic, paper and metal trash is now carefully sorted into separate bins and “compost” in the kitchen corner takes care of organic waste. The whole team is increasingly committed to “green thinking”, which has become one of the key missions for this year.


According to a report released by Eurostat in March 2011, Spain is below  average in terms of recycling waste, producing it more than the median EU member state. 52 % of all waste generated by households and businesses ends up directly into waste collection. The average Spaniard generates 547 kilos of waste per year but recycles only 15 % of it.

At Talent Search People, we believe in the importance of small actions. We are constantly thinking and developing new ways to improve our green policies. Apart from our teams, we now hope to increase the awareness of environmentally friendly values among our candidates and clients as well.

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