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Our division of IT and E-Commerce reached an agreement with Eureka-Startups

Eureka-Startups will be our gold partner for the “Start IT up” campaign. The campaign aims to promote awareness of the IT & E-Commerce division among technology-based startups. Talent Search People is introduced as a Startup-Friendly company.



Talent Search People is very experienced with companies of the IT sector and on-line business. More and more startups trust us and the services we provide. That is why we are strongly convinced to be able to give a strong 100% personalized service adapted to the needs of start-ups with prospects of rapid growth.

The agreement with Eureka-Startups, facilitates the exchange of knowledge in the field of startups, the organization of joint initiatives and other actions with the aim of promoting and helping startups.

Let us explain you how Eureka-Startups works:
Eureka-Startups provides help and support for entrepreneurs."Eureka" wants to help them to create, develop and make known their startups. It wants them to exclaim “Eureka!” when they find help, idea, advice, service or a product or tool they are looking for.
It is also a space where entrepreneurs can share their projects, experience and knowledge. Entrepreneurship is strongly needed in these times. The idea of “Eureka” is to support entrepreneurship the best way possible.

The owner of Eureka, is currently developing his own startup. More information about the project will be provided soon, but we can tell it will be a place where entrepreneurs and startups will come together with their customers and providers.

You can get more information at www.eureka-startups.com

We also take this opportunity to announce that this Tuesday we will have a special guest on our Spanish blog. He will be our first “Guest blogger”.

Guess who it is going to be?


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