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In 2012, Talent Search People in 183 countries

The number of visitors of www.talentsearchpeople.com indicates that Talent Search People is already known around the world.

After Spain, the countries where Talent Search People is known are the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, Holland, France and Portugal. It’sin the latter where TSP’s awareness has increased the most: 277% in the last year. This is why, amongst other reasons, we are about to launch the Portuguese version of our corporate website.

TSP’s growth is not only geographical, but also numerical: the growth in 2011 compared to 2010 has been greater than 63% in terms of unique visitors. But undoubtedly, the most significant piece of data and which embodies the company’s overall growth is the increase of traffic from social and professional networks by more than 550%.

To theseexcellent numbers of users and geographic expansion, we must add that during 2011, the number of CVs in our database has exceeded the 170,000. The ongoing efforts to find the best talent in the European market mean that, for example, a single vacancy posted on our website received nearly 5,000 visits. It is precisely this relentless pursuit of quality in services offered that has led us to buy the database of Monster Europe to find the ideal candidates for our clients.

It is the continuous pursuit of excellence that drives Talent Search People to provide quality and efficient services, aiming for recognition around the world.  Figures merely reinforce the knowledge of a job well done.

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