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TSP | Consulting - Strategy specializes in conducting various types of studies related to Human Resources: Market studies and Organizational Climate studies. These provide our clients with a framework to evaluate their current situation which later allows them to ensure that the strategy they define for the future is fully adapted to the reality of the market:

Market Studies

TSP | Consulting’s market studies are adapted to all kinds of companies, whether they wish to enter a new market with which they might not be familiar with in terms of human resource characteristics; or if they are already established in a specific market and need more precise information about its current characteristics to be able to face complex situations that can vary from attracting new candidates to retaining talent amongst others.

These studies can apply to the national market just as well as to a broader international market, compiling information regarding salaries and general working conditions at other companies or competitors’ and regarding the characteristics and expectations of potential candidates in the market.

Organizational Climate Studies
TSP | Consulting carries out Organizational Climate studies for companies who wish to know about their employees’ level of satisfaction and perception of the work environment at a specific time. This kind of feedback allows TSP’s clients to know which aspects of their company are valued by its human capital and also to detect which elements can be worked on to be improved.

These kinds of studies can be structured to focus on various groups of employees and examine the most influential variables in terms of organizational climate such as wage policies, culture and atmosphere, one’s responsibilities and professional development amongst others; using specific tools which are always adapted to the client’s case.

TSP | Consulting generates detailed reports regarding the candidates involved in mass selection projects managed by our consultants. This way, we provide the client with an update about the project as well as providing him with valuable information that can be important when making decisions about improving or boosting the selection processes.


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