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Job description

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Contable Senior con Inglés alto

Ubicación: Barcelona, Spain

Departamento: Finanzas y Legal

Salario: -


The Finance and Accounting Group is responsible for the management of financial resources of all activities of BSC-CNS (expenses, budgets, audits, banking relations, suppliers, payment of receipts). In accordance with current financial legislation and accounting regulations, they administer the funds and assets of the center. The Group also prepares financial reports for audits and accountability. In this context we look for a person to give support in the accounting and financial management of the center.

Main functions:

Economic management of clients. Control and follow-up of work execution, service billing and revenue recording
Supervision and realization of the justification of institutional grants and specific management assignments
Supervision of the invoicing and registration of supplier invoices
Inspection and presentation of business operations. Preparation of information for audits and presentation of commercial operations
Management of inspection and surrender of commercial operations. Preparation of the tax payment IRPF, VAT and corporation tax
Treasury management and monitoring. Reconciliation of accounts and bank statements, control and follow-up of payment planning
Preparation of financial reports and extraction of economic data for accounting analysis and monitoring of budget execution
Carry out general tasks of support to the accounting department, scanning process and internal control of execution of general expenses of the centre


- Degree in Economics, Business Administration or similar
- Master in audits or similar will be valued
- Specific relevant postgraduate or other courses a plus
- Knowledge and Professional Experience
- Knowledge of Accounting and tax system
- 3-4 years of mínimum experience in similar position. años de experiencia mínima en puesto similar
- Knowledge of a specific accounting program (preferably SAP) will be valued
- Knowledge of tax legislation
- Domain of the Office Package (Excel and Word)
- Average knowledge of English will be valued


Elena Sebastián
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (ext. 206)

Placement agency Nº 9900000357
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