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Operations Engineer Level 2

Ubicación: Hospitalet, Spain
Departamento: IT & E-Commerce
Salario: Salario competitivo
Contrato: De duración indefinida


Immfly, has created a complete wireless entertainment platform, which they certify and install in commercial aircraft!

They are doing this by using technologies they love, mainly based on Open Source and Linux. However, they are not only a software company; they also handle the selection of the dedicated aeronautics Hardware, and the Certification and Installation processes to physically install their system in the aircraft.


Once the aircraft is installed and activated, they are in charge of the Service Cycle, which essentially means that they ensure that the system is providing the KPI targets committed with airlines. They believe in agility and their teams are autonomous and self-organized based on targets: every team has all the elements to provide solutions to their problems without dependencies.

The obsession of their Operations Engineers is the Continuity of the Service. To do this, they have a Monitoring and Alerting system, based on Open Source solutions like RabbitMQ, Grafana, Influxdb... some of them, developed and maintained by them mostly developed using Django. Their Operations Engineers also love tuning these tools and even developing new features to improve them.

The majority of the tasks can be executed remotely, although sometimes you will need to go on-site (to airports and hangars) to solve issues or to support avionics teams in tasks, like installing their hardware in new aircraft, testing Electromagnetic Interference, restoring service, etc.

The Operations team works nearly with the Infrastructure team, which is an agile team with Developers, System Engineers and DevOps. This team manages infrastructure layer (Operating system, software deploy tools, data sync tools, etc), which hosts the applications developed by other Immfly development teams. Using these tools, the Operation Team can work within the Aircraft infrastructure, but also the Cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.


You are the person that we are looking for, if:

- You have an engineering mindset and love solving complex challenges.
- You have a basic knowledge of scripting on Linux systems using Python and Ansible.
- You have a continuous improvement mindset and huge.
- Capacities with the boarding with new customers, also troubleshoot.
- Electronic/ Avionic knowledge
- Fluent English mandatory, Spanish or other languages is a plus.
- Organized, patient and flexible.


You will work with a permanent contract and with competitive salary, 8 hours/day with flexible work schedule, morning shift or afternoon shift, in Barcelona HQ and you will have to sporadically travel (10-15%).


Nuria Casabán
(+34) 91 590 04 31 (Ext. 421)

Placement agency Nº 9900000357
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