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Job description


Procurement and Buyer agent

Ubicación: Barcelona, Spain

Departamento: Native Speakers

Salario: Competitive salary



- Establish a relationship of trust with brands and be responsible for strategic alliances so that we can develop a close, lasting and profitable relationship.
- Negotiation with suppliers to obtain the best conditions: purchase price, delivery terms, payment negotiation and ensure maximum product quality.
- Control, supervision and management of orders to ensure delivery times and conditions.
- Control of the process of adaptation of the product to the European Regulations.
- Analysis and control of stocks and sales for the purchase and release calendar.
- Direct sales / marketing.
- Relationship with the marketing and sales departments to ensure the correct product launch, promotions, etc.
- Direct contact with the freight forwarder and customs.


- Native or really good level of Korean
- Really good level of English and Spanish
- 1 year of experience in a similar position
- High capacity for adaptation and negotiation
- Flexible, organized person
- Availability to travel


- Permanent contract
- Full time job
- Competitive salary
- Flexible start time


Maria Gallifa
(+34) 93 231 00 00 (Ext. 230)

Placement agency Nº 9900000357
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