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In the highly competitive business environment, every successful company needs to sharpen their tools in order to make them as productive and cost effective as possible. For this reason outsourcing of human resources has become an essential process that allows companies optimise the services and activities that cannot be taken care of adequately within the company and therefore can become obstacles for reaching the objectives of the company.  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is defined as a complete or partial process that externalises the recruitment process to a company that is an expert in the field of human resources. For us, RPO is synonymous to a complete fusion with the client. The client´s objectives and needs become ours which deepens even further the development process. Thanks to the partnership with our clients, Talent Search People is capable of understanding perfectly what is expected of the service and thus offer a service of the very best quality.

Employer Branding - RPO service
Employer Branding
We offer to your disposal an excellent marketing team, with the necessary tools, to help you to benefit fully of your Employer Brand. 
Adaptability - RPO service
We do all in our power to understand the business of our clients in order to be able to act precisely and with no delay. There is an infinite amount of options that we can choose from according to the needs of our clients.
Efficacy - RPO service
With our networks and extensive databases, we can provide results already from the day one.
Experience - RPO service
Our extensive multi-talented team works together in order deliver successfully both national and International RPO projects of companies coming from very different sectors.
Commitment - RPO service
We commit 200 % to our clients and their needs, from the beginning until the end of the process. 

Integrity - RPO service
We treat all the information shared with us with ultimate integrity and confidentiality. 
In-House services - RPO

The In-House Services, within the recruitment services, consist of offering a consultant to work exclusively for our customers. The consultant will be working in the office of the customer, taking care of the selection process and the functioning of the Human Resource department.

This kind of a solution is very useful for projects of big volume with gradual incorporation during a specific period.

The objective of this programme is, with the In-House consultant, to start a complementary service to the company’s own HR team and to offer support to fill the vacancies faster with the experience and the resources of TSP.

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