5 steps to follow for a nice organization of your work day.

January 4th 2022

Do you have problems organizing your time? Does your work pass so fast and you feel like you haven't done anything? Don't worry, we have the solution.

As a result of time organization, it is normal that you have the feeling that you do not have time to finish all the daily tasks and you end up getting overloaded. Many people think that keeping a daily agenda is enough, but this is not so, no matter how many agendas you have, your mind keeps thinking about a lot of tasks that you do not have scheduled.

All this generates a feeling of mental fatigue and excessive overwork that makes you arrive home after a hard day's work, which is why we propose the following 5 steps to follow to have a good work organization and thus help you improve your quality of life at work.

1. Define your objectives at the beginning of the day.


A fundamental step is to separate the urgent things from the things that are not so urgent, for this it is necessary that the day before or the same day at the beginning of the day you have written down what are the objectives to be achieved that day. Divide into main and secondary objectives and create a list according to their importance, so your mind can establish priorities and not get lost throughout the day.

2. Start with the most difficult


The next step is to organize your tasks according to their difficulty, it will be much easier to carry them out if you do first what worries you most or requires more energy and concentration, because first thing in the morning your mind is clearer and less tired and so you will spend less time on these tasks. Starting with the most complicated thing will give you a huge sense of relief from work overload compared to if you postpone it during the day.

3. Schedule your work.


It is absolutely necessary to use an agenda or a work management application such as, for example, Trello, to schedule your time and tasks. In this way divide into parts, according to the process in which your tasks are, for example:

- To do: here you can place the tasks that are about to be started.

- Doing: here you can place the tasks that are being carried out.

- To review: place here the tasks that need a review.

- External needs: here you can place the tasks that need external help in order to continue with them.

- Done: here you can place what is done.

This organization will allow you to have a clear and simple view of the daily tasks and the process they are in.

4. Organize your meetings well.


To be able to carry out your daily tasks without too many interruptions it is necessary that you set up some daily hours in which you can dedicate yourself to work meetings (without taking into account the urgent ones) but if you mark a range of availability, you can make sure that these do not hinder your work.

5.Make time for yourself.


Just as it is important to fulfill your daily tasks, it is also essential to take breaks while you work to find meaning in what you do. Therefore, it is essential to schedule short breaks in your agenda to stretch your body or perform relaxation exercises as we discussed here.  Even if you have a stressful day, do not miss those moments of pause, as these are the ones that will allow you to breathe and work better the rest of your workday.

These are some steps to follow to better organize your time, you can use them and combine them with the ones you already have to make each workday more enjoyable and less stressful and complicated.

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